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At CR Solar, we understand why people continue to use expensive, unreliable grid electricity: traditionally, installing photovoltaic solar panels was an expensive, complicated undertaking. Not anymore! CR Solar provides modular solutions to fit virtually any budget and best of all, because of the way we’ve designed our solution and our services, you can start small to capture savings immediately and use that savings help you grow your PV system to the right size for your home or business, without the hassle of re-engineering the entire solution and/or re-purchasing expensive components.

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Why CR Solar?

CR Solar offers more than photovoltaic (PV) solar panel solutions. We offer a clear and affordable path to energy independence.

Unlike other companies which provide all-or-nothing solutions that can be complicated and expensive and take years longer to break even, CR Solar provides solar energy solutions that can grow letting you start saving money today, and letting you use that savings to expand your system to save even more.

How is this possible? Read on.

Every PV solar panel installation that provides electricity directly to your home or business will include an electrical component called an inverter. An inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) required by a home or business’ appliances, and, if the panels connect to the National Grid (“grid-tie”), the inverter must meet a number of performance criteria and specifications.

Other Companies’ Solutions

In traditional PV solar panel installations, a single, expensive inverter is used for the entire system and must be properly sized to match the number of panels and their expected level of output. The panels are then connected together electrically in series to connect to the inverter. The single inverter design comes with a number of serious problems.

  1. Single Point of Failure - If the single, expensive inverter fails, your whole PV investment fails;
  2. Intolerant - In a string-based design, if one of the panels is damaged or even just shaded more than the others, the whole system loses efficiency, until that panel is replaced, removed or relocated;
  3. Dangerous - With all of the panels connected to the same inverter in series, dangerously high levels of direct current is created requiring heavy-duty and more expensive cabling, shielding, protection from corrosion and fencing to protect people and animals. This significantly raises the initial cost of installation, the ongoing cost of maintenance and just generally presents ongoing concern.
  4. Intractable - Should the owner wish to expand their system, the existing inverter will likely need to be replaced. This greatly raises the cost of the expansion.

The CR Solar Advantage

CR Solar energy solutions utilize a Micro-Inverter on each panel in our systems. This provides a number of key benefits in PV solar panel solution design:

  1. Dependable - If a micro-inverter should fail, the rest of your system will continue to work for you just fine while you replace the inexpensive component;
  2. Smart - Our micro-inverters intelligently and continuously adjust operational parameters producing maximal output - even if one or more of the panels should become shaded or damaged;
  3. Safe - By attaching the micro-inverter directly onto each panel, there is no requirement to connect the panels’ DC output together in series. The resulting electricity is as safe as the normal mains electricity at your home or business;
  4. Flexible - Expand your PV solar solution at any time. Simply connect another panel and its immediately part of your system. CR Solar even offers a cable trade-out program to make sure you're not left with some cables that are no longer the right length.

CR Solar energy solutions meet all required Costa Rica specifications and are 100% certified for connection to the National Grid.