Serious Cost Reduction.

With an ROI sooner than you think.

Are your profits getting demolished by rising electricity tariffs?

Business Calc. See how tak­ing con­trol of your en­ergy is just plain smart business.Whatever business you are operating, it is likely that one of your largest expenses is your grid electricity. How much more profitable would you be if this expense was eliminated? Better yet, how much more competitive could you be if you could eliminate energy costs from your operating budget?

Invest today in our starter solar kit and begin saving today. Due to the rapid increases in grid electric rates and the rapid fall in solar panel prices you can get a 15% to 20% return on your investment which means your investment pays for itself in as little as 3 to 5 years, and the solution keeps delivering cost savings to your business for many years.

Most companies want to sell you a large system that costs many thousands of dollars, our system is reliable, commercial quality, but it is modular so it can be increased in size at any time. When we add panels, we give you credit for any existing cables and only charge you for the additions.